Vienna SEYGO Tour

The Vienna SEYGO Tour is not part of the Vienna Go Camp, but a back-to-back event recommended for the camp participants.

Note that this is a youth tournament limited to players under 20 years. For adult camp participants, we will organize a side event (side tournament or teaching games) on Saturday.

Tournament Info

 - Date: August 17 - August 18, 2019
 - Venue: Go7 (same as camp)
 - Limited to 40 participants

Please refer to these pages for:
 - Tournament rules
 - Registration
 - Registered players

Registration fee

Registration fee for u12, u16 and u20 SEYGO Tour is
 - 10€ for registration until August 5
 - 15€ for later registration
 - 25€ if you do not register online
 - You can pay it when you come.

For non-camp participants: If you arrive on Friday 16 August and have nothing else to do, you can join the Vienna camp farewell party.